About Eberus

Welcome to Eberus. A cutting-edge online platform created by CGWorks to connect you to the future of e-commerce.

Eberus bridges the gap between the physical shop and the e-shop, in a simple and inventive way! It gives you the ability to share the 3D version of your physical product along with all its specifications and recreate online, the experience of a physical shop. It’s almost like having the perfect salesman giving your customers a detailed presentation of your product, online! And most of all it’s fast, simple and cost-efficient.

DISCOVER, EXPLORE, INTERACT, and CUSTOMIZE products online in Interactive 3D!

How does it work?

Step 1


CGPackshots creates the digital mock-ups of your products and uploads them to your personal library. If you have already digitized your products, you can use those mock-ups instead.



Log in to your personal Eberus account and gain access to the virtual studio, where you can create unlimited versions of your visual assets using the studio’s tools (look & feel manipulation, lights, position, perspective and much more)

Step 3


Capture unlimited, high-resolution shots of your product. You also have the ability to create unlimited 360˚ turn table videos. And for the first time ever, with Eberus you can embed your digital assets in real time and share them on the web.

Upload, store & share
your 3D packshots with
consumers worldwide.