Frequently asked questions

What is the Eberus platform?

Eberus is a real time 3D content sharing platform where you can create interactive content for all your marketing needs. Eberus features real time captures of up to 8K, real time turntables, real time embeds with i-Dot functionality, fully organized library, Digital Studio Tools, Support, Hosting/Traffic, Analytics, Upgrades and Updates.

What can I expect from Eberus?

Eberus is not just another software where you can edit and share your 3D content, it is an experience for the new era of digital marketing. You don’t have to take our word for it, just ask our clients

What is the benefit of using Eberus?

Eberus with its holistic approach simplifies the decision-making process of the r&d phase and makes managing and promoting thousands of Products a walk in the park. In house, teams can now collaborate remotely to create marketing content for every purpose in real-time, from high-resolution photos and video turntables to elaborate interactive 3d product presentations, down to the most complex product configurator. Eberus does that and so much MORE, no need for costly productions and high paid professionals, thus diminishing the go-to-market time usually needed.

What is an “Eberlink”?

An Eberlink is the link provided by Eberus platform in order to embed your 3D model, along with all the features you want to provide to your audience. It can be used within e-shops, social media, email, ambient media, presentations, sales or anywhere on the web and even for in-store use

When you say “real time”, is it just another marketing gimmick?

No, the term “real time” is used not out of marketing necessity, but because this is what the Eberus platform does – it gives you content for all your marketing and e-commerce needs in real time.

Can I use Safari browser?

At the moment, Eberus Software in compatible only with Google Chrome for Mac or PC. In the near future we plan on supporting Firefox and Safari.

However, Eberus embeds (Eberlinks) are available on any desktop and mobile browser that supports WebGL on Windows, Mac and Android. Also, Eberlinks works on ios mobile devises, iPad and iPhone.

Eberlinks works perfectly on touch screens so they 're the perfect tool for presentations for any event and exhibition.

My browser is performing poorly

Despite your efforts for optimising your assets as shown here, sometimes you may run into problems. First, make sure your graphics driver and browser are up to date. Also, sometimes your browser may disable WebGL support. If this is the case, try the following:

  • In Chrome, type chrome://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist in the URL box and enable the Override software rendering list flag.
  • In Firefox, type about:config in the URL box and enable webgl.force-enabled.


Do I need special hardware or software to use Eberus?

No, a simple Mac or Windows PC with internet connectivity and a Google Chrome browser is all you need.

Eberus Platform at the moment, is compatible only with Google Chrome browser, however Eberlinks work across all modern browsers and platforms.

Do I need to have a specific set of skills to use Eberus?

Eberus has a very smooth learning curve, that is why we like to think it’s a software that anyone can use by watching our video tutorials. That said, having experience in 3D/2D Graphics may come in handy.

How can I add an Eberlink to my site?

Adding an Eberlink to your site is as easy as embedding a Youtube Video. For more information watch the video tutorial.

Loading times

Unfortunately, loading times are heavily affected by the quality of the user’s internet speed. However by reducing/optimizing texture size and 3D model size will most certainly speed up loading times.

What 2D file formats are supported by Eberus?

Currently we support JPG and PNG files.

Maximum capture resolution

We currently support up to 7K renders. This is bigger than A3 in 300 dpi, but we can go higher if it is a specific client request.

What 3D file formats are supported?

Currently we support .obj, .fbx and .glb file formats. In the near future we are planning to support more formats.

Viewer performance, limitations, polygon count etc

Theoretically, there are no limitations on what the Eberus platform can display. However, WebGL is hardware accelerated and, simply put, the viewer’s experience heavily depends on the hardware being used to display the 3D content. This is even more important when it comes to mobile devices.

Are there any royalties for the content created by the Eberus platform?

All content created within the Eberus platform is royalty managed by you.