Key Features

Eberlinks - Interactive 3D on the web

Interactive 3D product presentations, product configurators & live manuals created on Eberus platform can be accessed from any desktop or mobile browser . 


Info Dots

Add info dots to your embedded 3D asset and present different characteristics of your product through text, audio or video.

Unlimited angles, unlimited renders!

Capture: Experiment with the look and feel of your assets to capture unlimited, high-resolution, pixel-perfect packshots.


360˚ turn table

Choose the desired number of frames for your 360˚ turn tables and grab them in real time by hitting the right button.

Fully organized digital 3d product library

The products are uploaded on the web platform where your personal collection is private and visible only to you.

Save time & money

Create all the marketing assets you need within the platform yourself or give access to your graphic/ web designer, ad agency or production company to get all the material they need. No matter how you do it, it’s fast, easy and it saves you money.

Unleash your creativity

Depending on the material (product design, special details, labels etc.) Eberus allows you to manipulate the product’s look and feel by modifying the lights, the angle, the position and much more.

No need for a specialized software or digital know-how

Simply put, Eberus is plug and play. It is a web-based application you can use on any computer. There is no need to install any additional software or acquire any special skills to use it. Just watch the tutorials available, follow the mouse-over pop up tips and you are good to go.

One platform for your entire company


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